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Iron Reels Film Festivals & Open Screenings

Iron Reels is a collaboration film group founded by myself to strengthen the film community within North East Pennsylvania. We hold open screenings in which filmmakers of all levels can share an idea, script, rough cut, final product, or help and tips with filmmakers, animators, and sound experts in the area, and receive constructive feedback in a positive and nonjudgmental environment. We also hold yearly film events that include: showcases, call for entries, and time and subject restricted film challenges.


Scranton Summer Film Festival

Comedy Film Fest (1)    Comedy Film Fest (2)    Comedy Film Fest (3)

Horror Film Fest (1)      Horror Film Fest (2)      Trailer Film Fest

TV Segment – Iron Reels as Featured Blog on PA Live

Iron Reels Open Screenings Writeup

The Independent Artist Collective

The Independent Artist Collective (IAC) was founded with the goal of broadening the arts and educating and expanding the public’s knowledge of art within North East Pennsylvania. I was part of the founding members, and responsible for planning film and performance events. We held a series of events including film series, performance art, gallery exhibitions and installations, and non-traditional pop-up exhibitions in empty buildings and homes.


Juried Film Series      Gallery Installation & Series

Group Exhibitions     Group Exhibitons (1)


Art of the State juried exhibition at the State Museum of Pennsylvania (Harrisburg, PA)

Performance Art / Poetry

An excerpt of featured solo, group, and collaboration poetry events.

Arts Seen Feature

The Lampost

Film Screenings and Featured Filmmaker

Forwardian Film Festival

Berks Filmmakers


History of the Berks Filmmakers

Berk’s Writeup From 1986

Berks Filmmakers at the Goggleworks

Jerry Tartaglia Bio Mention

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