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What Made it So Scary – Tales From the Darkside

What Made it So Scary?
The Opening Title Sequence from Tales From the Darkside

Created by George A. Romero, “Tales from the Darkside,” premiered on October 29, 1983, officially ending its 90-episode run on July 24, 1988. The series featured several episodes written and directed by acclaimed horror writers/directors Clive Barker, Tom Savini, Michael Bishop, and Michael McDowell.

Although the series itself had achieved a warm reception, it was the title sequence that appeared to have really “sold the show.” Many viewers who watched it seemed to have a better memory of the first minute than the remaining 29. Now much older, I, through the eyes of a filmmaker, and Jeff Gilotti, through the ears of a musician, revisit the title sequence and determine what made it so scary.

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