Students On Campus Achieving Results (SOAR), is a specialized program for high school graduates on the autism spectrum. The program educates life and career skills to it’s students on a university campus. This is the trailer for the longer forty minute documentary I produced, which follows graduates from the program as they struggle to find employment.

Marywood University’s seed library provides seeds to local gardeners free of charge. The university also offers container gardening spaces and gardening workshops to participants.

This recent wedding production showcases my expertise of run and gun documentary style filmmaking. I regularly use this approach to capture the emotion and energy of events including: reunions, graduations, and the like.

The following segments are excerpts taken from an informational video highlighting the advancements of Marywood’s new Learning Commons. This video is a shortened edit of a longer production shown at alumni and stakeholder events for continuous funding.

A recently commercial for 1UP Games, a new and retro video game store. For this production, I served as the cinematographer, colorist, and editor.


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