Casting Call for Two Short Films

Casting Call For Two Short Films to be shot within the Scranton area:

1. A silent comedy about a modern age vampire and his struggle to find employment.
VAMPIRE: 20-29, socially awkward, unable to deal with life in the current day, solely focused on the little necessities he needs to survive.
MAGICIAN: 35+, been through his routine and assistants too many times.
ROBBER: Holds up a convenient mart (one shot).
EXTRAS: Audience for a magic show.

Filming planned to be completed within a month. Most scenes will be shot after sunset.

2. Dark Satire / Horror about a bitter mortician cursed from beyond the grave. Inspired by The Twilight Zone/Tales from the Darkside.
MORTICIAN: 40+, ex Dr. who lost his license due to other’s mistakes. He copes by stealing jewelry from his deceased patients, and fuels his ego by abusing his assistant.
ASSISTANT: 20-30, Meek, gets taken advantage of but has a clean conscious.
MS. SANDERS/DECEASED TWIN (dual role): 60+, a blind soothsayer undergoing funeral arrangements for her deceased twin.
DECEASED TWIN — haunts the Dr. after he steals her ring.

Filming planned for November and to be completed within a month.

Friday the 20th — 7:00 PM
Saturday the 21st — 2:00 PM
Friday the 27st — 7:00 PM

Auditions will be held at Marywood University Media Center Room 160 – located on the bottom floor of the Library.
Appointments for auditions may be made if unable to attend the above dates.

Demo Reel of my work as a director/editor/


Please contact me regarding any questions.
These Are Not Student Films.


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