1:1 Ratio Photos – Should You Switch?

Lately, I’ve been switching from a 4:3 ratio to a 1:1 ratio while shooting photographs.

Nostalgia pours in as I think back to this time of the year during early days shooting on film. Leaves falling, days growing shorter, and myself alternating between 35mm and 120 film (a 1:1 ratio). Mentally, shooting on 1:1 is very refreshing and brings me back to a time when the instantaneous results of digital was not present, and composing a shot in my mind was not as fast. My memory recalls paying more attend towards changing light of compositions and limiting shots by how much film was left in the camera.

Shooting on a 1:1 format has made me rethink the entire process of capturing an image. The rule of third has changed to quadrants; geometric patterns have also become much more evident. When I hold up my camera I find myself thinking, “Why am I taking this photo and what has drawn me towards this?”  I would recommend switching formats to anyone seeking to rekindle their lost creative spark, ambition, or sense of adventure of just going out and shooting. Even if you never show or use any of the images, just shoot. Shoot, and your potential creativity will thank you later.

Recent shots I’ve taken at a 1:1 ratio.

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